Target C80205 self-propelled walk behind saw-- 35HP


Subject: Target C80205 self-propelled walk behind saw-- 35HP
* Slip-on blade guard with auto latch.
* Blade guard features wide, tapered guard spade.
* Replaceable blade guard hinge.
* Blade guard includes arbor guard/nose latch.
* Blade guard handle standard.
* Slip-on blade guards up to 18", bolt on 30" blade guard.
* One-piece water manifold with multiple jets.
* Lift bail is standard on all models.
* Box frame is the most rigid available and provides long life and less stress on the blade shaft and bearings.
* Progressive restriction indicator for air filter.
* Soft start electric model requires less starting voltage.
* Complete backlit instrument panel with tachometer and hour meter.
* Voltmeter and oil pressure gauges.
* Cutting depth indicator clearly shows depth of blade in the cut is adjustable for all blade diameters.
* Switch controlled water safety device.
* Emergency stop switch for operator safety.
* Single lever for forward/reverse, raise/lower offers reliable and infinite variable ground speed control and allows the blade to quickly be raised and lowered.
* Separate neutral engage lever is mounted on the cowl and allows for quick disengage of transmission for ease in transport.
* Neutral start switch will not allow the saw to start unless in neutral.
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