Tamarack scientific 152R mask aligner & exposure system


Subject: Tamarack scientific 152R mask aligner & exposure system
Tamarack Scientific 152R Mask Aligner & Exposure System
-To be rebuilt and refurbished and sold with warranty-
* Model 152-1000-11 s/n 152-039 "Mask Aligner & Exposreu System"
* On head assembly it reads "PRX 500/1000 s/.n 1175"
* Below is copied and pasted right from Tamarack's site on this product. We are told these things new run in the $ 100K + range and higher. You can vist their site at www.tamsci.com
* Located at our warehouse location in Chelmsford MA.
* Call with questions and thank you for looking.
Mask Alignment and Collimated UV Exposure System
description from Tamarack's site.......Tamarack's Model 152 is a manual alignment, Collimated UV Proximity Exposure system for accurate pattern replication. This unit is unique in its ability to provide proximity, soft contact and vacuum contact imaging. Compared to conventional contact printing, proximity printing reduces the yield issues associated with mask damage and allows the use of stable glass artwork. Precise optical alignment of large photoresist coated ceramic, glass, silicon or P.C. board substrates is easily accomplished with the Model 152R Mask Alignment and Exposure System
* Large format – Up to 12” x 12” exposure
* 1000 or 2000 watt Hg arc lamp
* Stepper motor controlled x, y, and theta alignment stage
* Integrated UV intensity controller and timer for shutter control
* Regulated constant wattage power supply
* Proximity, soft contact and vacuum contact printing
* High-resolution, dual CRT monitors with twin video cameras equipped with zoom lenses. Separation between cameras variable from 60mm to 355mm.
* No auxiliary cooling required
The alignment system provides the operator with an optically, highly magnified view of the registration process of substrate to mask alignment. The alignment and verification system utilizes two (2) CRT viewing monitors and two (2) independent CCD camera assemblies. Each camera, with motorized zoom lenses and ring light illuminators, is mounted to a precision vertical axis slide, which raises or lowers the camera for proper viewing height.
A series of lenses and collimating reflectors collimate the UV light and direct the beam of light onto the exposure surface. This collimated beam of light allows accurate mask replication for fine line imaging. Two cold mirrors filter the undesirable wavelengths of light outside of the UV spectrum thus reducing unwanted thermal heating and eliminating the need for auxiliary cooling (i.e. chilled water).