Tab applicator ,tab cutter, cone setter / retriever


Subject: Tab applicator ,tab cutter, cone setter / retriever
Retail on three machines combined is just under $97,000.00
For all intents and purposes these machines are practically new they have done some demonstration with these machines, but I do not believe that they were ever sent out on the job. The Cone Setter Retriever is mounted on the trailer. We paid approximately $3600.00 for the trailer. If you want we can add the trailer for additional $3600.00
The three machines have a combined wholesale cost of well over $60,000.00
TPM 2100 Tab applicator over $26,000.00
TPM 2200 Tab cutter over $10,000.00
CSR 3000 Cone machine over $23,000.00
These machines in just a few hours with two men can do more than a crew of eight men
Less labor and more productivity!
· Reduces the risk of injury to employees by keeping workers off the pavement
· Reduces the repetitious motions of lifting cones
· Minimizes back injuries, workers don't need to bend over and grab cones
· Automatically sets and retrieves cones
· Only requires a driver and operator that works within the safety of the truck bed.
· Utilizes existing 12-volt DC power
· Manually sets cones at desired intervals.
· Hand-held control panel is used to specify the distance between cones.
· Also, can be used to manually set a cone.
· It has the option for a timing system for cone placement.
· It mounts to side of truck or trailer and is suspended off of the ground to eliminate contact with the road surface.
· Operator safely loads cones from the confines of the truck or trailer bed.
· It can be mounted on either side of the truck trailer and can place cones going forward or backwards.
· It can be adjusted for different size cones.
· It uses gas powered air compressor
· It will retrieve at variable speeds by spacing and number of cones to retrieve
· Hand-held correction arm is used to flip cones that are facing the opposite direction and automatically resets when cone is stacked
· Will pick up cones from any position (standing or laying down).
· It automatically stacks the cones, allowing the operator the ability to stack cones on truck bed.
· It can be mounted on either side of the truck or trailer, and can retrieve cones with truck driving forward or backwards
· Click for demo
· Temporary tab marker applicator machine with single or dual line compatibility
· Applying markers much faster than manual installation
· Improve employee safety by getting your employees off the road
· Distance between markers is easily programmed through the operator interface
· Increase efficiency with consistently repeatable accuracy with a built-in timing system - programmable skip and solid spacing
· Totalizes project distance, # of tabs placed.
· Automates the placement of flexible chip seal markers
· Easily adapts to most vehicles with a receiver hit
· Uses existing vehicle power from a trailer socket, it only requires 12 volt DC.
· Load markers from you current inventory. It uses most common tabs
· The driver stays in the right lane only
· Adjusts to job difficulty with variable application speeds
· Maximum application speed is operator dependent but cannot exceed 3 mph.
· Just click and at the bottom of page to see demo
Created to automate the process of removing flexible chip seal markers from the roadway, in order to reduce injury to employees. It is designed to remove the markers while driving down the road. This will not only aid in faster completion of jobs, but we believe will also improve safety for your employees. It uses a specialized blade to cut markers while the vehicle is moving down the road. It will reduce the risk of injury to employees on the roadway. No more bending over and cutting of markers is needed. It does it all for you!
20" operating width, Removable/disposable waste bin, Cuts tabs 1/2" from ground
· The vacuum system picks up scrap marker pieces for easy disposal
· It has easy unloading with removable hopper
· The blades are specially engineered to cut or pull flexible pavement markers
· Easily pulled behind vehicle keeping workers off roadway surface
· Can adapt to most vehicles with a receiver hitch
· The vacuum exhaust discharges in front of machine to help blow debris away from the machine
· The blades can be easily changed with one fastener per blade.
These machines in just a few hours with two men can do more than a crew of eight man do in an 8 or 10 hr. day.
Less labor and more productivity!
The three machines need be sold they are just sitting in the warehouse gathering dust
I will entertain all serious offers.
I would like to sell them as a set, but would consider splitting them and selling them individually