TDS560 usb 2.0 high performance dsp development system


Subject: TDS560 usb 2.0 high performance dsp development system
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TDS560 USB 2.0 High performance DSP Development System with Emulation
The TDS560USB is a USB 2.0 560 emulator for Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320™ 24X/28X/54X/55X, OMAP, TMS320C62X/67X, DaVinci, and ARM7/ARM9. It expands to a full hardware and software development system. The flexibility of expanding the FleXDS 560+ to a full development system distinguish it from other 560 JTAG emulators. The 560 emulator supports key TMS320 platforms, including the latest TMS320C5x™, TMS320C6x™, TMS320DM64x™ and ARM7/ARM9 generations, and integrates seamlessly with the leading debugger software, it can meet the TI’s real-time emulation technical stardard.
The high speed code downloading ability, the speed is 500Kbytes/s, 50 times quicker than USB510;
High speed real-time data exchange (HS-RTDX) ability;
* Under the DSP chip running status, between the DSP chip and PC carries on the real-time data exchange (2Mbytes/s) -
* real-time data gathering and observation, carries on the real-time debugging - real-time data exchange and process, the data can be saved as many data formats, like Microsft Excel, Matlab, the LABView -
* real-time data exchange function by non- invasion way, takes minimum resources from the DSP chip -
real-time data exchange function under the following conditions:
(1) The DSP chip has high speed JTAG
(2) real-time debugging development kit
The USB2.0 connection, supports hot plug-in, quick and easy;
High-level event trigger: - Provides the real-time event succession server under the procedure running status,
(1) Has a new task succession;
(2) discovery and the accurate localization real-time error;
(3) management and the demonstration event succession, carries on the multi- task management
The simulation speed auto-adapted or the user may move: -
(1)Has used exterior phase-lock link, needs or the outside electromagnetism according to the system (EMC) the environment automatic control simulation clock, guaranteed the reliable simulation -
(2) user also may the manual regulation, the adjustment scope be 500KHz □35MHz
* It supports TI C2000, F2400, C27X, F28X, C54X, C55X, C6000, C64X, TMS470 (ARM) as well as the OMAP platform series chip -
* supports the multi- CPUs debugging, supports many to same model CPU, different races CPU are most may simultaneously support two
* support Win98SE (SP1)/Win2000 (SP4)/WinXP (SP1) operating system -
* auto-adapted 0.5V □the 5V goal board voltage, will be suitable existing and the future all DSP chip -
* has used the antijamming protective measures with TI, had the greatly strengthened antijamming ability -
* completely to include XDS510 the function, User's possessing using the board, the application procedure may not have the barrier to translate to TDS560 on -
* completely conforms to the TI XDS560 real-time simulator technical standard
1) TDS560USB development system;
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