T tech pcb quick plating plate system qp 1812 milling


Subject: T tech pcb quick plating plate system qp 1812 milling
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* T-Tech's software intelligently converts CAD files for drilling and milling. Files are editable, and copper is selectable via software for full or partial removal.
* Boards are aligned on machine table with pin-and-groove for perfect registration, especially on two-sided boards.
* Holes are drilled first, then paths are milled. Larger holes can be routed rather than drilled, saving on drill bits.
* Milled boards are fully functional.
In order to achieve thru-hole plating on prototype and small run circuit boards T-Tech offers the Quick Plate system. This is a one bath process that fits easily into the design lab or small production facility. The process is quick, inexpensive and avoids the short shelf life and disposal problems associated with plating lines using electroless copper baths.
The Quick Plate is designed to be installed and used as frequently as needed with minimum maintenance. Quick Plate can through plate a variety of substrates including FR4, FR2, Getek®, and G10 ®. The system can be used for both double-sided and multilayer fabrication
PCB panel material size: 12"x18"
Stepper Motors / .100 Lead Screws
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