Stryker 4100 cordless driver set


Subject: Stryker 4100 cordless driver set
Stryker 4100 Cordless Driver Set
Excellent Condition. Many configurations available, email us with your specifications. Set as seen includes Stryker 4100 cordless driver, 4100-125 Pin collet attachment, 4100-62 wire driver attachment, 4100-310 Synthes reamer, 4100-132 5/32 Jacobs Chuck, 4100-231 Jacobs Reamer, 4100-400 Sagittal saw, 4100-135 Hudson Modified Trinkle Drill, 4100-451 sterilization container, 4100-160 Trinkle, 4100-235, Stryker 2100-120 System 2000 battery charger, Stryker 4100 battery pack adaptor for two batteries, and 4112 Battery Pack of two batteries. Automatically adjustable wire collet simplifies placement of wires. Integrated oscillating feature assists in accurate wire placement. Automatic pin placement and driving of guide pins. Accomodates variety of drilling demands. Oscillating feature assists in accurate placement of drill bits and helps to prevent spooling of soft tissue. Power to tunnel with trephines and large diameter drill bits. Reamer collets deliver high torque. Intermedullary reaming for I.M. nails. Variable speed for precision cutting while sawing. Unique tool-less blade mount reduces blade whip and flex.
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