Steeples and spires for church buildings


Subject: Steeples and spires for church buildings
Specifications: Wooden steeple clad in copper. Approximately 25’H with a copper cross on the top. Oxidization has changed the copper to the green patina colour you see today.
$1,500+GST Canadian Dollars (within Canada)
$2,000 +GST Canadian Dollars (to the US)
This is another one-of-a-kind treasure that was removed from a building and kept because of its excellent condition.
Specifications: Structural steel unit covered in ¾” plywood with white 24 gauge steel over the wood. The cross is manufactured from 4” x 4” mild steel tube and the top 8’ is all stainless steel # 304 with a satin finish. 23’ Tall.
$1,500+GST Cdn. (within Canada)