Steel mini storage building kit


Subject: Steel mini storage building kit
Building is 40 ft wide x 100 ft long, 9 ft high at side wall.
( 4000 sq ft. ) 2:12 Roof pitch
Gives you 20-10 x 20 deep storage bays
20-8’ x 7’ garage roll-up garage doors
Includes divider walls and supports.
Includes gutters and downspouts, door, and roof trim.
Includes all screws, fasteners, bolts and anchor bolts.
All galvanized steel frame. (Bolts together) no welding.
Color bound walls, roof & trim. (45 yr warr) Classic Rib, standard colors 26 ga.walls , 26 ga. roof
Engineered for 70 mph winds, exposure B, 20 lb snow load (other specs available)
Includes engineered structure & foundation drawings by certified engineer. (stamped)
Delivery to your site is included.
Permits and fees not included.