Star GR28I 14" x 28" flat surface iron sandwich grill


Subject: Star GR28I 14" x 28" flat surface iron sandwich grill
The Star GR28I is a two-sided grill that can prepare chicken breasts, hamburgers, quesadillas, panini, sandwiches and many other products in half the time of standard griddles. They heavy-duty platens retain energy and deliver faster performance. Grills are compact and portable providing flexibility in your operations.
* Star smooth two-sided grills cook burritos, quesadillas, tortillas sandwiches, chicken, hamburgers, or any other menu items sealing the flavor in half the time
* Ergonomically designed control panel provides easy access to controls and grease drawer
* A heavy-duty counter balance hinge system provides safe and effortless operation of the top platen
* Spacious grilling height accommodates product up to three inches with 3-4 pounds of pressure for proper cooking between platens
* The bottom platen has a patented splash guard to help keep products and grease in their place
* Heavy gauge water resistant and flexible plastic conduit protects electrical connections
* Thermostat is rated from 175 (79) to 550 (302) and provides accurate sensing of temperature
* Grease trough located in front of bottom platen allows easy clean up
* Painted aluminum platen handle provides heavy-duty, safe operation of the top platen
* Removable, large capacity grease drawer in the front of unit for easy clean up
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