Star CG28ITGT 14" x 28" panini grill with timer


Subject: Star CG28ITGT 14" x 28" panini grill with timer
Star's CG28ITGT "Panini" Grills can prepare sandwiches, chicken breasts, hamburgers, and a variety of other menu items in your restaurant, caf concession stand, bar, or wherever you need high performance cooking. Grills are compact and portable, providing flexibility in your operation.
* Star Grooved aniniGrill enhances the looks of your menu by adding sear marks to your sandwiches, chicken breasts, hamburgers or other menu items
* A heavy-duty counter balance hinge system provides you safe and effortless operation of the top platen
* Spacious grilling height accommodates product up to three inches with 3-4 pounds of pressure for proper cooking between platens
* Top and bottom grill cooks your menu items in half the time, sealing in the flavor
* The bottom platen has a patented splash guard to help keep products and grease in their place
* Ergonomically designed control panel provides easy access to controls and grease drawer
* Heavy gauge water resistant and flexible plastic conduit protects electrical connections
* Electronic programmable timer from 0 to 9:59 minutes with EDdisplay. The timer counts down the cooking time taking the guesswork out of preparing food and is equipped with an audible alarm to signal when the timer reaches zero
* * Top position operates both top and bottom platens
* * Bottom position operates bottom platen only
* * Middle is the OFF position
* Thermostat is rated from 175 (79) to 550 (302) and provides accurate sensing of temperature
* Grease trough located in front of bottom platen allows easy clean up
* Painted aluminum platen handle provides heavy-duty, safe operation of the top platen
* Removable, large capacity grease drawer in the front of unit for easy clean up
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