Standard qc-S10 friction feed collator


Subject: Standard qc-S10 friction feed collator
* High Quality Desk to collation
* Three-tower table top friction feed collation system
* Modular design lends itself to easy expandabilty
* Simple load and go collation
* Exceptional feeding on many stocks in sizes up to 11 x 17, including bond, NCR, index and some coated papers.
* Large bin capacity reduces re-loading frequency.
* LCD Display, and works in conjunction with feed sensors to sense the rare jam and tells exactly where it is
* Fast, advanced feeding mechanism allows for up to 3,900 sheets per hour.
* Comprehensive detection system with miss, double and jam.
* Number of Bins 10, 20, or 30 Bins by Upgrading to one or two Upgradeable QC-S10 Collator 10 Bins (B Tower).
* The modular design of the system allows the flexibility to expand with additional components as production needs grow.
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