Standard pf-S315 desk-top friction folder


Subject: Standard pf-S315 desk-top friction folder
The PF-S315 model is the newest solution from Standard for end users who have requested even greater automation and operator simplicity than found in the manual set-up models. The PF-S315 shares the same base platform and exceptional characteristics of the successful PF-P310 "dial-a-fold" Folder, yet takes it one-step further with the exciting addition of automating the fold and paper set-up. Now with the PF-S315, Standard has an economical solution to introduce users to automated paper folding.
* Min. Paper Size (l x w) 2.6" x 3.6"
* Max/Min Paper Weight 70/15 Bond
* Max. Paper Size (l x w) 17" x 11"
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