Standard pc-64 25.1" paper cutter semi auto electric


Subject: Standard pc-64 25.1" paper cutter semi auto electric
The Standard Horizon PC-64 is a semi-automatic cutter that's ideal for smaller jobs. Featuring safety sequence circuitry, the PC-64 knife is actuated by two-hand activated switches. If either one of the two switches is released during the cutting sequence, the machine stops instantly. The precision-built back guage lead-screw enables you to make a trim cut as fine as 0.5 mm (0.019"). An illuminated cut line and easy to view back guage position indicator, make the PC-64II simple to operate.
* Brand New With Factory Warranty
* Due to the size of the unit, please call for a quote.
* 2.7" Cutting lift capacity
* Manual Clamp and Backguage
* 3.6 seconds per cycle cutitng speed
If you are in Illinois we do have to charge tax unless you are tax exempt then please furnish your certificate of exemption at time of purchase