Standard mf-1 mailer folder - friction folder


Subject: Standard mf-1 mailer folder - friction folder
MF-1 Corner stapler/Folder For QC Collators OR Off-line Tabletop
The MF-1 Mail Folder has been designed to prepare letter sized documents for mailing. Options include corner stapling, letter folding and corner stapling with letter folding.
In its corner staple only mode the MF-1 will place its corner staple in the top left corner of any letter sized document of up to 20 sheets. In its two folding modes, up to six sheets can be assembled and folded as a set.
With push-button operation there are no complicated adjustments for the operator to change its operating mode and high quality finished result. The letter fold that is produced is factory set and is also referred to as a simple "C" fold.
At it's rated speed of 1,500 sets per hour, the MF-1 is not only effective, but productive as well and is ideal for any operation that is fulfilling multiple sheet mailings into a letter sized #10 envelope.
The MF-1 is fully compatible with Standard's QC-S10 and QC-S100 Friction collators as well as the Standard-Horizon VAC-100 Speed-Vac Collator
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