Standard autocrease suction feed channel scoring systes


Subject: Standard autocrease suction feed channel scoring systes
Standard AutoCreaser Suction Feed Channel Scoring System
The AutoCreaser is a fully-automated suction-feed paper scorer that is ideal for a wide range of ink- and toner-imaged stocks. Image cracking is a common problem when folding toner-imaged stock that has been scored using a traditional rotary method. The AutoCreaser's unique channel scoring method lets these stocks be folded with no cracking or damage to the image. The AutoCreaser automatically scores sheet sizes up to 12.6 x 24.8in and can accept sheets as large as 13 x 39in manual-feed mode. It can handle paper weights up to 10-point cover. At 8.5 x 11in, the Autocreaser scores at up to 2,700 single creases per hour.
* Brand New With Factory Warranty
* Due to the size of the unit, please call for a quote.
* Max Form Size 24.8" x 12.6"
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