Stainless steel glove box & robot spray cleaner coater


Subject: Stainless steel glove box & robot spray cleaner coater
Large Stainless Steel Glove Box & Robot Spray Cleaner Coater.
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This is a stainless steel glove box with 4 gloves and a chamber about 6 foot by 6' by 4' (ignoring the robot and fixtures in it). The lower section has tanks and pumps. An articulated robot arm hangs from the ceiling and hold a spray nozzle. There is slide and rotation fixtures on the floor to enable access to all sides of the work. There is a load-lock port on the right side to enable containment of the atmosphere in the chamber.
The robot and controller are by CRS Robotics. CRS is now part of Thermo. The factory link follows:
The overall system is by S&K Products International.
The gloves currently have covers over them to prevent hands in the chamber when the robot is running.
The image below shows the outside of the load-lock port-note that it is activated by the horizontal air-cylinder.
Above is an image of the articulated CRS robot arm with a spay gun nozzle at the far end (right).
The following two images show the work manipulator mechanisms that translate and rotate.
The image above shows the inside of the load-lock port with the inside air-cylinder.
There is some sort of monitor as shown in the image above.
One of the four gloves is shown in the image below.
Overall dimension of this unit are about 6' by 6 feet by 82" tall.
The interior chamber height is about 4 feet tall.
The load-lock port is about 18" by 18"
One of 3 Barish Hydra-Cell Pumps model D10ILSGSFEH is shown in the foreground of the image above.
The backside of one of 3 stainless tanks is shown above. Part of the center tank is shown in the image below.
The left tank is labeled IPA. The center tank is labeled DRAIN MIX.
The left tank is labeled Terpene.
These are pictures of the left side of the unit with lower cover panels removed.
There are two Crouse-Hinds FVS series Hazardous Location Light fixtures-Note that one does have a crack lens.
There are a whole lot of plastic tubes that connect via the couplings shown above.
There is a spare Bimba Ultran Rodless Cylinder that is still in the box and is over 4 feet long.
There is an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC 1747-PIC interface module included.
A SPARE CRS Robotics A465 Robot Controller is included as shown above and below. Look further down for the complete controller rack with software and documentation.
Spray Robot Controller CRS A465 and Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC with Panel View 1200 touch screen plus manuals and software.
After a very long time, we had the opportunity to obtain the control console for the stainless robotic spray cleaning system. Details follow:
The top front section contains power conditioning, the air supply panel and the CRS Robotics A465 robot controller.
Below this is an AB PanelView 1200 flat panel color touch screen display worth $2000 by itself.
The teach-pendant and a couple thick manuals are shown below.
The SLC 500 PLC system with 8 I/O modules is shown below.
The pneumatic manifold that attaches to the cleaning cabinet umbilical cord is shown below.
The software included in one of the manuals is shown below.
The front and pack door panels for the control rack are included also. The Plexiglas front cover has obviously never been used as it still has the scratch protection paper on it.
Similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your
really serious robotic glovebox application.
Condition looks only slightly used in excellent condition as shown. The construction is heavy duty-estimated weight is at least 4000 pounds. We have not attempted to run the unit at this time. We don't have other parts, software, documentation, human interface, etc that are not shown.
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