Ssi primax 6000 primary waste reducer


Subject: Ssi primax 6000 primary waste reducer
This 2005 unit is an SSI PR 6000SE9 Primax 6000 Primary Waste Reducer. 600-hp hydraulic power unit - 5000-PSI closed loop circuit, automatic horsepower control for heavy-duty and high-speed processing, 2x300-hp 460v/60Hz Lincoln electric motors, hydraulic hoses included. 13 cubic yards chamber capacity (without hopper extensions). Cutting table - dual independent shaft operation, 129"x84" active cutting zone, two bi-directional shafts, nine 3" thick high performance cutters per shaft (Hardox 500), 36 fixed anvils (Hardox 500), two Hagglunds direct hydraulic drive motors, 62,000-lb. cutting table (excluding hopper, stand or conveyors). Full electrical controls, programmable controller with multiple operating modes, hydraulic overload reversing, NEMA 4 enclosure mounted on HPU, remote control system. This unit is ideal for C&D debris and for volume reduction of solid wastes containing metal and abrasives. Production rate of 60-150 TPH.