Srs DG535 digital delay / pulse generator (4 ch.) w/opt


Subject: Srs DG535 digital delay / pulse generator (4 ch.) w/opt
SRS DG535 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator (4 ch.) option 1,2,3
The DG535 Digital Delay and Pulse Generator provides four precisely-timed logic transitions or two independent pulse outputs. The delay resolution on all channels is 5 ps, and the channel-to-channel jitter is less than 50 ps. Front-panel BNC outputs deliver TTL, ECL, NIM or variable level (-3 to +4 V) pulses into 50 Ω or high impedance loads. The high accuracy, low jitter, and wide delay range make the DG535 ideal for laser timing systems, automated testing, and precision pulse applications.
* Four independent delay channels
* Two fully-defined pulse channels
* Adjustable amplitude and offset
This unit has the following options:
* Option 02: +/- 35 V Outputs
* Option 03: 1 ppm TXCO Timebase
This item includes a CD copy of Manual, and Power Cord
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