Sprint 150 optical measurement system


Subject: Sprint 150 optical measurement system
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Sprintâ„¢150 Optical Measurement System
Sprint models 150 are precision instruments designed for easy focusing and part positioning.
* High-resolution digital color camera
* 6.5:1 precision zoom optics
* Mechanical bearing XYZ stages
* Magnification ranges from 10X-150X
* XY axes with quick release feature
* Coarse/fine Z axis adjustments
* Rock-solid granite construction
X,Y Linear Accuracy†Q-Check & InSite 2*
XY Accuracy†Gage-X (Sprint 150-250Plus)*
XY Accuracy†Gage-X (Sprint 300)*
†Where 'L' is travel in inches. 1 µinch=0.000001 inches.
Magnification on 6.75" monitor
Temperature to meet specifications
68ºF +/- 2ºF, 20ºC +/- 1ºC
*Applies to thermally stable system in rated environment, maximum zoom lens setting, and evenly distributed 10 lb load.
Depending on load distribution, accuracy at maximum rated load may be less than standard accuracy.
XY axis artifact: QVI 25 intersection grid reticle at standard measuring plane.
The standard measuring plane is defined as a plane that is 1" above the work table. Z axis artifact: QVI step gage.
Sprint 150 - Ram Optical Measurement System