Spiricon lba-500PC frame grabber/ laser beam software


Subject: Spiricon lba-500PC frame grabber/ laser beam software
Spiricon LBA-500PC Frame Grabber
with 12 bit Digitizer and Beam Analysis Software
System displays 3D Beam images at up to 30 Hz. Automatic baseline calculation; gaussian fit calculation. Beam pointing strip chart function. Frame averaging. Calculates total power or energy; peak power or energy density, peak and centroid locations, divergence angle, and beam width with user selectable methods for major and minor axes. Includes software apertures, stastical analysis functions, and pass/fail calculations.
Frame Grabber acquires up to 1290 x 1022 for digital cameras and 512x480 for analog cameras.
See description and specifications at: http://www.spiricon.de/selectionguide/scientific_technology/lba_pc_beam_analizer/LBAPC500.pdf
This item is in good physical condition and perfect working order.