Spectra applied system reactir reaction analyzer system


Subject: Spectra applied system reactir reaction analyzer system
This listing is for a Spectra Applied System Division ReactIR Reaction Analyzer Systems.
* Manufacture Date October 1992
We got these specs from a website, we beleive it is the same system but unsure. Please email or call us with anything you want us to do or check for you. We can also take more pictures if you need them.
site_m_03.gifFully integrated system for continuous, real-time monitoring and analysis of chemical
site_m_03.gifPowerful FT-IR technology yields information on identity and quantity of key reaction
species. Provides reaction trends, end-point, percent conversion, and kinetics with no
site_m_03.gifEasy to use, compact instrument can be used in conjunction with standard lab vessels,
pilot scale reactors and pressure vessels.
site_m_03.gifAnalyzes a wide range of chemistry over varied reaction conditions and temperatures
(-80 to 230 : pressures from 10 torr to 200 psig standard, 2000 psig optional).
site_m_03.gifSampling systems include : Rooftop ATR insertion probe ; DiComp diamond ATR
insertion probe ; DurasamplIR general Purpose diamond ATR sampling sevice ;
Streamling diamond ATR flow cell ; a variety of transmission cells.
site_m_03.gifAvailable with optical switching module which accommodates up to three sampling
For further specifications, please visit http://www.sunilina.com/reactir.htm
This is used, but in very good condition. I'm not too familiar with this model. So it did not get fully tested.
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