Sorvall rc-3B refrigerated centrifuge


Subject: Sorvall rc-3B refrigerated centrifuge
Sorvall RC-3B Floor Model Refrigerated Centrifuge
The RC-3B centrifuge features dial controls for setting its run parameters , an analog display for easy readout. Also included, dial control deceleration, and overspeed protection.
It accepts 12 different Sorvall Rotors: 4 slow speed swinging bucket rotors; 1 tube rack rotor; 1 biocontainment rotor; 4 fixed angle and 2 swinging bucket Superspeed rotors
from the RC-5x family. Tube capacity varies from as small as 1.5mL to as large as 6x1,000mL. Also it accepts the LA/S-400 Sealed Bucket System for increased aerosol protection for biohazardous samples.
Control Range 10rpm increments
Temp. Control -20 to +30 degC Dial
Weight 627 lbs
This instrument is refurbished and qualifies for a warranty within Southern California at an addidional cost. At this price the rotor is not included. Please inquire regarding our rotors and service plans.