Sonobond sonobond ultrasonic high frequency welder


Subject: Sonobond sonobond ultrasonic high frequency welder
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SONOBOND Ultrasonic Welding Unit & Power Supply Controller
The Smart Choice for Ultrasonic Metal Welders
Sonobond Metal Welder Advantages:
* Nonferrous and dissimilar metals welded with repeated accuracy.
* Solid-state metallurgical bonds produced without heat, current or consumables
* Long-lasting, quick-change steel taper lock tips perform up to 300,000 welds
Sonobond's unique, patented "Wedge-Reed" bonding system...
* Combines high vibratory force and low amplitude coupling - essential for precise welds
* Utilizes shear mode vibration parallel to welding surface - essential for dependable welds
* Positions line of force directly over welding surface - essential for eliminating bending stress
Sonobond Metal Welders are used to produce. . .
* Stranded wire-to-wire welds
* Multi wire-to-terminal welds
* Electrical wire harnesses
* Thin aluminum or copper sheet welds
* Encapsulation of explosives
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Description & Quantity in stock:
SONOBOND Ultrasonic High frequency Welder
Tested: Reported to have been working when removed from service but we did not see it work.
Please see inspection report below for 3rd party inspection reports when available
Horsepower / Amps / KW / KVA: 100 PSI Dry Air
Est . Packaging: $ 25.00 pallet & shrink-wrap
GOOD CONDITION Tooled for copper wire spliceing. Needs a little cleaning inside.
Ultrasonic welding simplifies wire assembly