Sonoace (SA600) ultrasound by medison


Subject: Sonoace (SA600) ultrasound by medison
SonoAce ( SA600 ) Ultrasound by Medison
Sonoace 600 - delivers superior quality imaging and functionality at a truly affordable price.
Unique technologies including ULA (Uniform Ladder Algorithm) of SONOACE 600 provides you with a superior image.
Cine Memory and Image Bank are unique SONOACE 600 optional features.
Cine Memory offers continuous playback of up to 32 images while Image Bank supports temporary storage of 30 images. Compare and you'll find SONOACE 600 is a portable convex imaging system that offers both quality and maximum convenience at a linear price.
SONOACE 600 uses custom-designed application specific integrated circuits or ASICs. These compact chips deliver the functionality of entire circuit boards, ensuring more reliable operation as well as reducing scanner size and weight.
If you would like additional information about this unit, please contact us. We guarantee all of our equipment to be working upon arrival unless otherwise stated.
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* Medison SonoAce SA600 Ultrasound
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