Somnus model S2 electro surgical generator


Subject: Somnus model S2 electro surgical generator
GENERAL CHARCTERISTICS: The S2 control unit is the centerpiece of the Somnoplasty® System. It provides the control and information that is key to the precision, simplicity, and speed of the Somnoplasty procedure.
Interactive screens guide you through each step of the procedure and help you set your own parameters. The large color screen displays real-time graphs, allowing the physician to monitor energy delivery, temperature, impedance, and time throughout the procedure.
The S2 control unit combines the reliability and proven operating principles of the Somnoplasty System with a graphical user interface. The automated energy delivery system maintains tissue temperature at a level selected by the physician, providing continuous feedback and increased control.
Graphical display of procedure parameters
Large color-coded graphs allow you to visualize, at a glance, the progress of the procedure. Real-time measurements of energy, time, and temperature are used by the automated algorithm to modulate power while maintaining the optimum tissue temperature.
Automated control of key variables
At the outset of each procedure, you set the maximum tissue temperature desired, the energy or time required for the procedure, and the maximum power to be applied at any time. Easy-to-read symbols help you at each step of the procedure.
An integrated disk drive allows you to save and export procedure data. It also allows for future system upgrades and the use of new Somnoplasty devices.
The generator powers up as shown in the picture and is in good physical condition. There is nothing else included, this is just the generator only.
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