Sokkia stratus gps 3 receiver system comp to PROMARK3


Subject: Sokkia stratus gps 3 receiver system comp to PROMARK3
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New Sokkia Stratus 3 receiver GPS System with Spectrum Survey Suite Post Processing Software. This is a centimeter level Survey Grade GPS System ideal for control surveys. Just add tripods and start surveying. Has a 1 year factory warrenty and 800 toll free Tech Support.
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Stratus is an integrated GPS system that combines a 12-channel, L1 GPS receiver, antenna and batteries in one lightweight enclosure (1.75 lb. with batteries). Single-button operation and LED display offer a full range of operational information. Perform static and kinematic applications without switching equipment. And when utilized with Stratus Controller software, you’ll experience versatility in the field and office.
* L1, 12 channel GPS receiver w/ 4MB on-board memory
* Stratus H.I. Measuring ring
* CDC62 Charger (1 each, Note: charges 2 BDC46 Batteries)
Stratus Product Datasheet | Stratus Product Brochure
Spectrum Survey Post-processing software (L1 version)
* Spectrum Survey and Mission Planning Software CD
* Spectrum Survey Reference Manual
* Spectrum Survey Quick Reference Guide
* Mission Planning Reference Manual
* Stratus to PC Download Cable
Spectrum Survey Product Datasheet
· The Stratus system weighs 1.75 pounds with batteries, and can be easily carried, set up and managed by one person.
· Less time is spent setting up in the field because the Stratus receiver combines the antenna and receiver into a single unit – eliminating cables.
· The Stratus system includes Spectrum Survey – a Windows®-based GPS post-processing program featuring data processing, network adjustment, analysis tools, blunder detection, predefined export formats including RINEX. Planning software that lets you determine what satellites are available before you go into the field is also provided.
· The local environment is a key factor in the length of time spent collecting data for a particular baseline. The Stratus receiver tracks the number of satellites and changing satellite geometry to determine when sufficient data has been collected.
· The core of the Stratus system is the 12-channel receiver (L1 Code and Carrier) with 4 MB of on-board storage. On-board memory stores up to 55 hours with eight satellites at a 10-second recording rate.
· The Stratus receiver operates on two rechargeable BDC46 batteries for up to 30 hours. An external port is also available for power and communication.
· The Stratus receiver performs both kinematic and static surveys. For static receiver bundles, you can select the number of receivers as required. Individual receivers may be added to the system at a later time.
3 Stratus L1 only Receiver Kits and 1 copy of Spectrum Survey Suite
* L1, 12 channel receiver with 4 MB on-board memory
* Stratus Field (Receiver/Controller) Operation Manual
* Stratus Field (Receiver/Controller) Quick Reference
* Stratus System Jump Start Guide
* Spectrum Survey Suite Reference Manual
* Spectrum Survey Suite Quick Reference
* Cable: Stratus to PC cable
(Antenna, GPS, battery, memory)
I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but if you add the data collector setup, is this a system you can actually go out and perform layout? Ive been reading all the specs but nothing is ever mentioned on any websites wether you can use this sort of setup in order for performing accurate layout. Any info would be appreciated.
This is not a Real Time system so Layout cannot be performed. It is designed for establishing control and if you did add the collector you could gather Topo with it as well.
Do you provide any training or is it all through the tech support? Will this software accept Rinex files from other receivers such as trimble or topcon?
Factory Training is available in Olathe , KS for $500.00 a day or on your site for $1,000.00 plus expenses. On site training will be performed by a certified Sokkia GPS Trainer. One day of training is usually sufficient. If you want the training please include it at checkout. The software accepts Rinex files from many receivers
Do these units come with the Sokkia data collector software for use on an IPAQ, as part of the package? If not, how much is it and can you get it at a better price than I could?
The kit does not include the controller software. Just the software for on an Ipac is $485.00. The entire kit which includes the Ipac, Software and Pole bracket is $1,492.00.
Yes for additional $900.00 you can get another year or a 2 year warranty.
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