Sokkia set 530R reflectorless total station bluetooth


Subject: Sokkia set 530R reflectorless total station bluetooth
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Sokkia 530R Reflectorless Bluetooth Total Station 5 " accuracy with Case, Has a 2 year factory warranty and 800 toll free Tech Support.
This series is able to do pinpoint, high accuracy measurements at locations that are difficult to reach. Measurements to corners of objects, high-voltage electricity wires and a building face survey are examples of the precision this series can offer, all with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology.
This kit includes the following;
SET530R (Standard Range) Reflectorless Total Station w/ Bluetooth
About MAP (minimum advertised price) Pricing
* Standard Range (150m) Reflectorless Technology
* Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity to Data Collectors
* CDC62 Charger (1 each, Note: charges 2 BDC46 Batteries)
Series 30R Product Brochure
Additional Accessories for this Product
Sokkia Wood/Fiberglass Tripod
Sokkia 8.5' Prism Pole w/ Lever Lock
Single Tilting (0/-30mm) Prism
Its extremely narrow, visible, red laser truly sets the Series 30R apart. With its small diameter, the laser pinpoints and accurately measures difficult positions such as small objects, edges of walls, or targets located at a steep angle.
* High-precision reflectorless distance measuring with a narrow-beam visible laser
* Ability to measure through obstacles such as chain-link fences and trees
* Compatibility with prisms for long-range measurements
* Superior performance in tough environments
Photoelectrical absolute rotary encoder scanning
Display Resolution (selectable) H & V
1"/5",0.2/1mg, 0.005/0.02mil
Accuracy (ISO 12857-2 1997) H & V
Automatic dual-axis compensator
Modulated laser, phase comparison method with red laser diode, coaxial optics
Maximum Measuring range - Reflectorless1
Maximum Measuring range - Reflective Sheet RS90N-K
Maximum Measuring range - One AP01Prism2
SET530R: 0.3 to 200m (1 to 490ft.): ±(3+2ppmxD)mm; Over 100 to 150m (over 320 to 490ft.): ±(5+10ppmxD)mm
Glass Prism: ±(2 + 2ppm x D)mm, Reflective Sheet: ±(3 +2ppm x D)mm
Data Storage - Internal Memory
Weight w/ handle and battery
1 With the white side of a KODAK Gray Card (90% reflective).
2 In good conditions: no haze. visibility about 40km (25miles), overcast, no scintillation.
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