Snowie shaved ice 8X5' bldg, concession stand, & shaver


Subject: Snowie shaved ice 8X5' bldg, concession stand, & shaver
Includes everything you need to begin!
This building can be used to place in front of supermarkets, malls, stripmalls, venues, etc. as a semi-permanant structure. It can be locked at night to keep equipment safe all summer long. Many people will use these buildings for temporary events, (ie. Fairs, Farmers Markets, Festivals, Concerts, etc.) as well. This is a sweet traveling package. You literally pull up to your location, setup your machine and you are in business. This package includes an 8x5 Foot Building, a 3000 Shaver (Best Cube Shaver on the market), and a Power Pack wich includes the following:
1 Snowie 3000 Workstation/Drip Pan
You just can't get any cooler than the Snowie 8 foot building. This ultra-modern, portable building is designed with both form and function in mind.
*Building Shells Include: Aluminum structure, diamond plate floor, locking aluminum door, 2 fiberglass counters, 1 fiberglass roof, 1 fiberglass attic, aluminum exterior body panels, poly carbonate lexan windows, c-shelf and locking serving window.
Wheel Kit Assembly with Suspension
Snowie Sign & Cool Mist System
**Ordering the Heavy Duty Axle will take the place of the "Wheel Kit Assembly with Suspension" system.
All Units can have custom look and decals. The price for custom work varies accordingly, and will be quoted by Snowie upon request.