Snowie shaved ice 8' kiosk, concession stand, & shaver


Subject: Snowie shaved ice 8' kiosk, concession stand, & shaver
Includes everything you need to begin!
If you are looking at doing temporary events, (ie. Fairs, Farmers Markets, Festivals, Concerts, etc.) this is a sweet traveling package. You literally pull up to your location, pop the top, setup your machine and you are in business. This package includes an 8 Foot Kiosk, a 3000 Shaver (Best Cube Shaver on the market), and a power pack wich includes the following:
1 Snowie 3000 Workstation/Drip Pan
*Kiosk Shells Include: Aluminum diamond plate base, locking aluminum half-door, 2 fiberglass counters, aluminum exterior body panels, and polycarbonate lexan sneeze guard.
Wheel Kit Assembly with Suspension
Snowie Sign & Cool Mist System
All Units can have custom look and decals. The price for custom work varies accordingly, and will be quoted by Snowie upon request.