Snowie 3000, shaved ice machine, ice shaver, nsf


Subject: Snowie 3000, shaved ice machine, ice shaver, nsf
No shaver on the market comes close to the quality of the Snowie 3000 with it's ease of use and speed. This machine is designed for high volume commercial venues. Using typical ice cubes this machine can shave up to 18 fresh servings a minute. The Snowie 3000 maximizes your profit potential and keeps your lines moving.
For the best in shaved ice the Snowie 3000 is in a class by its self. This is simply the quietest, fastest, most reliable, and easy to use ice shaver ever produced! Just pour in the ice, step on the peddle and out comes a snow that truly rivals Mother Nature's own. Rattling doors, loose belts, and loose tensions are worries of the past. The Snowie 3000 blade can be changed with a single screw driver in about a minutes time. This machine has a built in drip pan and a self cooling 3/4 hp motor that allows you to shave Snowie after Snowie all day long. How fast is it? This machine will turn an 8 lbs bag of ice into snow in just over a minute. That's about 18 snowies a minute.
The following are included FREE with purchase of Snowie 3000
24 Pints of Flavor Concentrates