Snack machine glassfront 25-selection w/dba snack chip


Subject: Snack machine glassfront 25-selection w/dba snack chip
This Beautiful New Glass-Front Snack Vending Machine with 25 Individual Selections, includes a built in Coin Changer and Dollar Bill Acceptor that accepts $1.'s, $5.'s, $10.'s or $20.'s Individual Item Pricing up to $99.95
¬ Regularly sells Wholesale for $2395.00!
This is a Virtual Store front that can Make Money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no employee required. Just place on location and fill with product.
This machine is Heavy Duty All Steel Construction with a strong¬ Lexan Front for easy product viewing!
Controller Board Sophistication! Each selection can be individually priced.
Individual Motor Drives! If one fails the others still operate!
Tilt down shelf for easy product loading!
¬ Price Light and Alternate Selection Light!
Economical Commercial Quality, Classical Styling, Simple Programming and Reliability Make this Snack Machine Easy to Service and Profitable to Own!
Machine specifications are as follows;
* ¬ 62 1/2" High, 33" Wide, 27" Deep
* Weighs approximately 300 pounds
¬ A Top Performer in the Industry! We distribute direct from the factory. All parts are available from our company as well as Technicians to answer any questions on the continuing operation of this machine and all others that we offer.
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