Smt/smd desktop automatic reflow oven


Subject: Smt/smd desktop automatic reflow oven
* Full automatic fuzzy logic temperature control.
* Can be used for any surface mount components.
* Can also be used for two sides PCB boards.
* Great for repair preheating also.
* RS232 computer interface and free PC control and display software. Profile displayed on the LCD and computer in real time.
* Working area: 400mmx350mm.
* External measurement: 600mm(w)x465mm(d)x500mm(h).
* Temperature uniformity ±1C.
* Working cycle 5 minutes per board. Beeps when the board is done.
* Manual draw opening and closing.
* Built in automatic air cooling.
* One profile stored in EPROM, can be modified with key pads.
* 3.5KW power,220V. We have 5KW power transformers if you need to use 110V supply.
* Weight: 115 Lb with packing.
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