Slip rolls 48 inch, 16 gauge powered slips


Subject: Slip rolls 48 inch, 16 gauge powered slips
Engage Machinery Slip Rolls are precision-turned, ground and polished, high carbon steel rolls with heavy-duty, cast iron end frames, and a welded steel base to make an accurate and durable forming tool. Convenient operating features include:
· Large roll adjusting screws
· Scales for speeding repeat set-up
· A front-mounted handle to lift the upper roll for material removal
A fixed-position upper roll and a lower, adjustable roll "pinch" the flat work piece. As the material comes in contact with an adjustable forming roll, it is formed to create a cylindrical part. With a manually or hydraulically operated drop hinge, the top roll is raised to release the pressure on the sheet which allows removal of the finished work piece. This is especially valuable when forming a cylindrical-shaped part that is seam welded while still on the machine. Engage Slip Rolls make it easy to form tube shapes to smaller than 3 times the upper roll diameter when forming at capacity thickness, with 1.5 times the upper roll diameter often being the tightest diameter. Results vary depending on metal thickness and tensile strength.