Slidell top feed bottom fill stainless tank vibra bin


Subject: Slidell top feed bottom fill stainless tank vibra bin
Slidell stainless bagging system or metering system.
Slidell Stainless Hopper with Stainless Auger and Eccentric Shaking mechanism with wipers in the cones section of the hopper.Has two electric motor gearbox combinations - one to run the auger + wippers and the other to run the eccentric shaking mechanism. Hopper is painted on the exterior. Hopper is 48 in Diameter with a total hieght of 72 in. From the top of the hopper to top of the cone it measures 54 inches. From the top of the cone to the bottom output flange it measures 18 inches. The Flange on the bottom is 18 inches in Diameter. There are 6 flanged access holes on the lid of the hopper varying in size from 6 inch to 20 inches in Diameter. There is a stainless auger inside the and wiper mechanism inside the bin when looking at the internal picture. This is a new hopper - never been used. Two available. Can load - possible low rate delivery depending on location.