Slide line/manual assembly line 16' long


Subject: Slide line/manual assembly line 16' long
Slide Line/Manual Assembly Line. Powered Conveyor.
* Overhead Florescent Lighting
* 10 stations (5 stations per side) - 16' can accomodate more than 5 operators if required.
* Heavy Duty Edge Chain Conveyor Can be used with Fixtures and Pallets. Chain made of heavy duty noncorrosive material so won't be damaged by wave solder flux.
* Ideal to be used prior to wave solder.
* Space in Front of operator to place parts bins for manual assembly
* Opens to almost 20" for extra Wide Boards
* Made by Conveyor Technology year 2000 - Have had very little use. Good Working Condition
* Hand Crank Width Easy Width Adjust.
* Blue Document Holders in Foto not included.
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