Skydrol hydraulic mule, 30 g.p.m.


Subject: Skydrol hydraulic mule, 30 g.p.m.
SquareTrade AP6.0Portable Skydrol Test Stand GPM/PSI:30 @ 3000 Fluid: Manufacturer:Hydraulic International HP:60 Shown as:Overhauled NSN: Product Type: Mule Type: Part No: Model No:PHE30-60 Standard Features Closed or open loop test operations Cooler with fan NEMA electrical enclosure Operations and Maintenance manual Heavy duty starter with overload protection Towable unit with parking brake 65 gallon capacity reservoir with external drain valve Pressure compensated pump with adjustable flow and pressure controls Panel controls and gauges also include: push button on/off switch, reservoir valve, supply pressure gauge, hourmeter, and pyrometer Non bypass pressure filter (3 micron absolute) Zero Time Overhauled Portable Hydraulic Mule 30 & 50 GPM Skydrol Service Dual Unit Approx. Dimensions: ALS ID:MUH-112 please call for any questions and ask for Shane