Skid steer rotary cutter fits bobcat,gehl,cat,etc 5 ft.


Subject: Skid steer rotary cutter fits bobcat,gehl,cat,etc 5 ft.
This new 5', Bushmaster Hydraulic Rotary Cutter offers a unique combination of features.
This new, 5' Bushmaster Hydraulic Rotary Cutter is hot-dip galvanized to extend its useful life. The galvanizing process prevents corrosion which can cause performance problems, result in increased maintenance costs and compromise safety features. The galvanizing treatment which lasts 30-50 years, will keep your attachment performing longer and looking better than comparable painted hydraulic rotary cutters.
The hot-dip galvanizing process actually penetrates the pores of the steel and hardens it similar to a heat treatment process. This will insure that your attachment will not be affected by corrosion due to moisture, salt water and chemicals.
This skid steer rotary cutter uses the devastator blade system. The Devastator blade carrier is diamond shaped and all four edges are sharpened. It has two replaceable, double sided blades attached to the carrier. This blade system allows you to cut in both directions(clockwise and counterclockwise) which extends the life of the blades. The sharpened edges of the blade carrier increase the cutting performance by continuing to cut and mulch materials as they are pulled under the cutter deck. This system is far superior to competitive blade carrier systems on similar hydraulic rotary skid steer cutters.
The hitch allows the cutter to operate in a vertical position. This setup allows you to attack large bushes and small trees. This cutter cuts brush and saplings up to 3.0"-4.0" in diameter. It is excellent for clearing underbrush and overgrown thickets.
This cutter has a cross port relief valve located between the skid steer auxiliary hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor on the cutter. This prevents damage to the motor or gear box in the event that you hit something you cannot cut such as a metal pipe. It will immediately bypass the hydraulic fluid back to the skid steer reserve, and then restart as soon as you back away from the object. This relief valve will save the motor and gear box in the event you hit an object that cannot be cut, and it will save you money!
The cutter deck is made from 1/4" galvanized steel to stand up to the extreme environments you will use it in. This cutter is more durable, and will last longer than competitive models due to the heavy duty galvanized construction.
This unit will cut up to 4" saplings depending on the auxiliary hydraulic flow of your skid steer. It is designed for use with standard flow skid steers(15-25 GPM auxiliary flow). This unit allows you to cut in tight spaces, and yet is rugged enough to cut dense brush.
This Bushmaster Cutter has been hot-dip galvanized which prevents corrosion, making it one of your favorite implements for years to come. This cutter fits Bobcat, Gehl, Case, Cat, New Holland and all other major skid steer brands. This cutter comes complete with hydraulic hoses and flat face fittings ready to hook to your skid steer and begin cutting.
Features include Bi-Directional cutting, Double Sided Forged Blades, Hydraulic Relief Valve, 1/4" Reinforced Deck W/ non-slip step areas, Safety Door (included), Lift Limit Chain, and Flat Faced Hydraulic Quick Couplers.