Six head manual latex balloon printer - custom built


Subject: Six head manual latex balloon printer - custom built
Six Head Latex Balloon Screen Printer
· Prints 300 - 500 balloons per hour
· Prints a variety of sizes of balloons from 4" to 20"
· High quality screen printed logos, names, etc.
· Many standard colors of ink available
· Constructed of the finest material available and designed for long lasting maintenance free service
· Two heater/dryer fans for faster drying
This manually operated balloon printer has the capacity to print up to 500 balloons per hour. Balloons are inflated with an air compressor (not included), screen printed, and then rotated around under the fans which dries the ink. Take off the printed balloon, put on the new balloon, and repeat the process until the desired quantity has been printed. For further customization, if you desire printing on both sides, balloons may be rotated and printed on the other side as well. The nozzles have a one-way check valve which allows the air to inflate the balloon but no air to escape. A special rubber ink is used which expands as the balloons inflate without loss of detail.
This machine is available in 110 Volt AC (60Hz) or 240- Volt AC (50Hz). We provide with the machine a 9" x 9" screen, a squeegee, printed instruction manual, DVD training video and a list of supplies you will need as well as suggested suppliers.