Signtronix huge amber led progammable message sign


Subject: Signtronix huge amber led progammable message sign
I purchased this sign in a last attempt to salvage a failing business but it was too little - too late. I totally bought into the SIGNTRONIX sales pitch about creating foot traffic and sales by hanging a bright catchy sign in the front window of my store to bring people in. I had the sign up for only a month and it did what it was supposed to do, BUT I was too far in debt to keep the doors open at that point and closed the store down a month later.That Is a little back-ground on why I have this thing.
I highly recommend that you call SIGNTRONIX to have them come out with one of these signs and giving you their entire pitch. Check out their website - (
This sign is for business people who are serious about getting the best equipment on the market to promote their business and getting the most out of their advertising dollars! This is NOT one of the cheap signs you'll find at Discount Stores. This is Very Large, Very Bright, Fully Programmable Sign that comes with Software and Cable to tie into your computer to load any combination of Messages and graphics that you want, and programming that allows you to set the time of day or days of the month that you want messages to run. Text can be as tall as 12 inches, or you can run up to 3 lines of individually programmed text!
A Signtronix LED-4 Monochromatic Amber 13"x40"x6" Programmable LED Sign
Programming Software, Computer Connection Cable, and User Guide
Please Contact Me for any additional questions you may have concerning this sign!