Shure UR14S wireless instrument system sound UR4S UR1


Subject: Shure UR14S wireless instrument system sound UR4S UR1
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Manufacturer: Shure Model/Part Number: UR14S
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The Shure UR14S is a top of the line wireless instrument system that includes a UR4S single channel diversity receiver, an unobtrusive UR1 body-pack transmitter, and a 2.5 foot WA302 1/4" to TA4F instrument cable. Perfect for critical and broadcast stage performances, the UR14S system allows any electric instrument to become totally wireless. And thanks to some of the most advanced technology available anywhere, including a 2400 selectable frequency range, reliable, interference free signal is practically guaranteed. The system also features flash memory for up to 6 60 channel custom frequency groupings, USB & Ethernet network compatibility, and Shure's patented audio reference companding technology, which further reduces artifacts commonly found with wireless systems.
* Both transmitter and receiver equipped with bit-mapped backlit LCD
* Includes Shure's 'workbench' wireless management software
* Networked automatic frequency selection
"Where professional sound is concerned, the industry expert is and has been Shure. Shure sets the industry-standard and raises the bar again with each new product release. Their product line is extensive and they understand the importance is high quality sound. They are not the least expensive brand out there but if your business is producing crisp, clear sound, Shure is the brand to choose. Although Surveillent offers lots of other intercom and paging products, we only offer Shure professional sound gear”.
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