Shimadzu series 6 hplc system - complete


Subject: Shimadzu series 6 hplc system - complete
Shimadzu SCL-6B System Controller (List Price Used: $2437)
Shimadzu SIL-6B Auto-Injector - Auto-Sampler
Shimadzu LC-6A LC Pump - Solvent Delivery Unit
Shimadzu SPD-M6A Detector - Photodiode Array UV/Vis Detector (List Price Used: $6482)
Auto-Sampler tray included. Includes cables to connect SIL-6B to SCL-6B.
Each Piece Powers Up and Seems to Function As It Should. These units are in good physical condition, normal scratches from use (see pictures). Unit powers on and seems to function fine, but due to the nature of the equipment we are unable to fully test it and all observations are for informational purposes only - so it is being offered AS-IS. Column and other consumable supplies are not included. Please feel free to email with any questions.
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