Sheeter 60" rosenthal w/ slitting backstand


Subject: Sheeter 60" rosenthal w/ slitting backstand
Rosenthal Wrap-O-Matic Sheeter with Slitting Backstand and Static Eliminator
This listing is for a used sheeter in good condition. The 5 in the model number indicates the max width in feet of the roll to be sheeted. Sheets can be both cut to length and width on this particular unit because of the optional slitting backstand. Sheet length is set with the length controller that can be set up to 99". The width is set by moving the slitting heads across the track. This unit has 4 slitters that can be selected individually. The slitting system is pneumatically operated. Sheets can be made one at a time or in batches by setting the batch counter.
We tested this unit and it cuts and slits beutifully. The blades were just sharpened. We did notice that the cut pieces were sometimes up to %5 too short though. Because one of the push buttons on the length counter doesn't spring back up and its accuracy is off, it should be replaced. The batch counter needs to be replaced as well. The mechanics of the machine are in very good condition. The drive motors, clutches, brakes, sprockets and chain are all tight and work well. The sheet metal is also good with no major dents, just some minor scratches. The condition of the main rubber drive roll and the rubber rings on the mating pressure roll are also very good.
There is also a static eliminator option on this sheeter. This is the perforated rod that spans across the front of the machine where the material exits.
* Single piece or automatic batch operation
* Variable speed drive motor
The large square counter on the left sets the length. This unit does work but the button on the left does not spring back up. The counter on the top right sets the batch number. This unit needs to be replaced.
All rubber in very good condition!