Sewage treatment system & storage shed 400 pepole day


Subject: Sewage treatment system & storage shed 400 pepole day
Sewage Treatment System with shed
This Sewage Treatment system is perfect for small town or sub- development or another plant that has cooling system for machines. It was in use up to three years ago, the company down sized and moved. It is licensed for over 400 people from sewage to surface discharge with an oil/water seperating modification. It is designed to treat over 12,000 gallons of water per day.
Β It takes raw sewage from plants bathrooms, showers and heat exchanges and grinds it, inserts chemicals and hits it with UV light before sending it to a retention pond a ΒΌ mile away. It was built and originally licensed in 1990 from a design by Malcolm Pirnie Environmental Engineers.
Sewage system comes with 27’ x 10.5’ waste water containment tub, Klargester Biodisc 83” diameter sewage cutters-agitators, Sew-Euro Drive motor assembly for cutters-agitators, Trojan UV2000-UV control system and lights, ISCO 4210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Siemens Electronic Controller, System control board, four Sta-Rite pump motor assembly, two 100 gallon water tanks with compressors along with various testing apparatuses.
We can assist in equipment removal, and loading. The components and building will fit on one 45’ flat bed trailer. The Pole-Barn style building has a 16’ x 7’ overhead door so it can be constructed, then insert components or can be constructed around equipment. Build comes with, five windows, two 36” doors, Moline gas furnace, 30” exhaust fan, hand sink, florescent lights and panel box. Floor is crushed stone but a floor could be constructed if desired.
We have original drawing that includes Site Plan, Treatment Plant and sections, manuals, technical Specifications, foundations and building designs.
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