Self-contained 10X10 mobile kiosk $32K yours for $10K


Subject: Self-contained 10X10 mobile kiosk $32K yours for $10K
Self-contained 10x10 Mobile Kiosk With Hot Water, Corian Countertop, 3 Sinks and Freezer
This 10x10 feet kiosk is only one year old. Made by the leading mobile unit manufacturer ( is a Cadillac of mobile units. Cost over $32,000 to build (original invoice is available), the kiosk is yours for the fraction of the cost.
The unit is all-wood construction, with Corian countertops, 2 stainless steel sinks (1 3-compartment, 1 single), built-in hot and waste water tanks, stainless food containers with lids, all-around glass curtain, overhead lighting, electric outlets, etc. Plenty of lock-in cabinet to store products and supplies. Please contact the seller to get the full specification list and a number of pictures
* Applications: It consists of three separate pieces assembled and covered with beige granite-like Corian countertop and all around natural maple veneer. Includes all-around glass curtain, overhead track lights, and chome sign poles.