Sela semiconductor engineering micro cleavage system


Subject: Sela semiconductor engineering micro cleavage system
Semiconductor Engineering Laboratories Ltd. (SELA) Micro Cleavage System model MC100.
1. Liquid nitrogen utilization for enhancing the quality of ductile process materials.
2. Varied accessories for cleaving techniques
3. MC100 short process cycle (15 minutes)
5. Diagnosis cycle reductions
6. Extensive built-in testing
7. Statistical control and analysis
8. Automatic monitoring of sub-system performance
9. Remote troubleshooting capability.
Utilizing SELA’s patented micro-cleaving technology, the MC100 achieves submicron accuracy, true cross-section and high throughput.
1. Micro Cleaving Cross-Section Sample Prep System
2. PC based user friendly semi-automatic system prepares cross-sectional samples of wafers up to 8 in. dia. for inspection by a SEM
3. Submicron accuracy cleaving
4. High quality cross-section
5. Integral compound optical microscope
6. Liquid nitrogen option for wafers that include organic or metal layers.
Sela - P.N. AMC100. Basic Configuration:
* MC 100 - Micro Cleaving System with integral optical microscope (10x, 50X objectives), dedicated PC based controller with VGA monitor, keyboard, shock isolated table.
* Submicron accuracy cleaving
* High quality cross-section
* Integral optical microscope Customized software for operation, control and data acquisition
2. Improved characterization
3. Improved and enhanced SEM utilization
4. Stand-alone or complements an Ion Beam Mill
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