Sekidenko OR2000 optical fiber thermometer


Subject: Sekidenko OR2000 optical fiber thermometer
Sekidenko OR2000 Optical Fiber Thermometer
Non-Contact Optical Thermometry
Used - Tested - In Excellent Working Condition - 2 Channel Unit
Comes with 2 Optical Probes and Fiber Optic Sensor (probe) Cable
1000 Degree Range - 0.001 Degree Readout - 0.5 Degree Accuracy
RS232 Serial Communication and 2 Channel Alarm Outputs
Advanced Energy Sekidenko OR2000 Optical Fiber Thermometer (OFT) offers thermal management and control solution for applications where time-temperature cycles affect productivity and yield. OFTs offer in-situ, non-contact temperature measurement with superior, high-speed, high-temperature performance in RTP, HDPCVD, laser annealing, epitaxy, MOCVD, as well as other applications. Advanced optics, extended temperature ranges, and two channel configuration ensures extreme accuracy and high sample rates. Data-monitoring and data-logging options provide process knowledge and insights for even greater control and measurement repeatability.
As device architectures and coating requirements become more demanding in silicon processing, an accurate measurement of temperature and temperature uniformity becomes critical to achieving high yield in production tooling. AE Sekidenko non-contact optical fiber thermometers (OFTs) have proven effective in achieving the required thermal budget in many process applications. For closed-loop process control, process monitoring, component monitoring, tool development, and component testing, Sekidenko technology offers the process engineer an accurate and flexible measurement system that neither lags nor influences the temperature of the target substrate.
• In-situ, non-contact temperature measurement
• Extremely accurate wafer-to-wafer repeatability
• High stability and reliability
• Increased productivity, yield, and throughput
• Sophisticated sensors made of sapphire or quartz
• Proprietary electronics, eliminating electromagnetic interference and reducing noise
• Extended-temperature, high-speed performance
• Two configurable sensors (channels) enable modular configuration
• High sample rates (up to 600 readings per second) allow tracking of rapid temp changes
Sekidenko OR2000 Optical Fiber Thermometry
Advanced Energy's Sekidenko OR2000 OFT models provide in-situ, non-contact temperature sensing in semiconductor processes to give process engineers and equipment managers a higher level of thermal control and repeatability. Our OFTs are ideally suited for your most tightly controlled, temperature-dependent, high speed applications such as RTP, HDPCVD, laser annealing, epitaxy, MOCVD, and other applications where substrate temperatures enable critical process results.
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