Sealed air instapak 808 +versapacker foam in bag system


Subject: Sealed air instapak 808 +versapacker foam in bag system
Sealed Air Corp Instapak 808 plus VersaPacker Foam In Bag System.
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Instapak® Foam-in-Bag Packaging Systems - Sealed Air North America
The hot bags of expanding foam drop down where the gray bag material is shown in the image above. There is a sheet of the plastic material folded over and passing on either side of the foam injection gun. This unit heat seals the plastic material top, bottom and side to make the bag.
It should be noted that The Instapak dispensing gun can be removed from the bag unit and used independently as a foam in place unit.
Note the electric A and B drum pumps.
These images show that this unit does in fact power up. We don't have any drums of chemical so we can't actually demo the system.
The Instapak 808 controller connects to the VersaPack controller with the data cable shown below. As noted previously the Instapak controller can be remoted and can be used separately for foam-in place applications.
The image below is the VersaPacker controller.
The previous user made these notes regarding the A&B foam components they were using.
The system has cleaning solvent that it uses but it looks like there is additional manual cleaning required at some interval as shown in the guide below (Spanish version on the other side).
There are storage areas on either end of the base unit that have a few spare parts etc. as shown above and below.
It looks like there is a fair amount of the bag material on the roll yet.
The shelf level can be set to various heights as best fits your situation.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your really serious foam-in-bag packing application.
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