Sdl fl-10 industrial fiber laser subsystem


Subject: Sdl fl-10 industrial fiber laser subsystem
SDL FL-10 Industrial Fiber Laser Subsystem
The unit powers up. But Laser LED Indicate Error.
As a compact, turnkey laser system, the JDSU FL-10 Series provides up to 10 watts of the brightest, diffraction-limited infrared laser light available. JDSU combines very high brightness fiber-coupled laser diodes with heatsink and fan along with a power supply and control electronics in one complete package.
Circular spots as small as a few microns in diameter can be focused onto the workpiece or thermal media with a long working distance, providing the user with an intense, non-contact heat source. The nominal output wavelength of the fiber laser is 1 µm.
One of the key benefits of the fiber laser is its compact size and fiber delivery, allowing easy placement into industrial and manufacturing environments.
* Diffraction-limited light delivered through fiber termination module
* Single transverse mode, collimated beam
* Light focusable to <10 µm spot
* Sophisticated control electronics
* Precision cutting and welding
* Thermal platesetting/proofing