Scrubber- acid gas fume scrubber 8,000 cfm


Subject: Scrubber- acid gas fume scrubber 8,000 cfm
Viron International Fume Scrubber 1998- 8,000 cfm horizontal bed scrubber with plastic jaegar balls media, was used for acid gases ( hydrocloric and sulfuric) with a sodium hydroxide feed solution to neutralize in bed. Unit was decontaminated before tasken out of service. The unit is a type 2 PVC housing and piping with 300 gallon sump. Unit has a 15HP motor to drive the fan.
Unit weigths 3000 lbs per manufacture which has the details on the unit. The unit is 6 foot by 18 foot by 92 inches height. The one port is 30 inches in diameter and the port closed to the fan is square with a 20 inch by 26 inch pattern.
serial number vcb11221db-pvc-frp-9 , fan moter cw360-15tefc-prem 460-3-60 phone of manufacture . Was operating when taken out of service.