Scott 10,000 bindery index laminate & tab cut divider


Subject: Scott 10,000 bindery index laminate & tab cut divider
It is a very low mile machine, and has been professionally maintained by our in-house staff. We have used this as our “extra” Scott 10,000 and I have personally run it for most of its life in our shop.
For those of you who do not know the Scott 10,000, here is a bit of information. When index tabs are manufactured, the Mylar (plastic) must be fused to the sheet, and then the shape of the tab has to be cut out. One way to do this is the Scott 1800 (which laminates the tab at a rate of 1800 sheets per hour) and the Scott tab cutter (which cuts out the shape of the tab at the rate of 1,800 tabs per hour). This means one operator can laminate and tab cut 900 tabs per hour (1200 per hour if they are real fast).
The Scott 10,000 is rated to laminate and tab cut 10,000 tabs per hour, with one operator! In the “real world”, I run this machine at about 7,500 sheets per hour, or about 35,000 tabs per shift. Set-up from one position to another or one tab size to another is just seconds, and done with dials that are calibrated to the nearest .01 inch. The Scott 1800 takes minutes to change positions or tab size and is calibrated with a hand held ruler!
Don’t confuse this Scott 10,000 with the “old style” 10,000s that are in the market! They are 220 volt 3 phase equipment, which uses a series of belts and pulleys to change speed. 220-volt single phase is required to run this Scott 10,000, because it uses a DC motor to allow the operator to adjust the speed of the machine from 0-10,000 sheets per hour.
Scott Equipment, no longer supports the old style Scott 10,000s. If you purchase one of these, you will have to replace the drive motor, gearbox, ALL the electrical in the cabinet, then rewire the machine! I know this because we just totally rebuilt an old style Scott 10,000 to new specs!!
A word of caution…we only sell Tabs &File Folders to the trade!!
We can offer you in house training to learn operating, maintaining, and repairing your Scott 10,000, at an extra charge. Delivery and installation is also available at an extra charge.
This 10,000 is located in Chillicothe, Ohio. To arrange an appointment to view and operate this Scott 10,000, call me at 800-654-TABS and ask for Bob.